DIP component is one of the basic components of electronic components. It is called dual in-line packaging technology, which refers to integrated circuit chips packaged in dual in-line form. This package is also used in most small and medium-sized integrated circuits. The number of pins generally does not exceed 100.

CPU DIP packaging technology CPU chip has two rows of pins, which need to be inserted into a chip socket with a  structure.

Of course, you can also directly solder on circuit boards with the same number of solder holes and geometrical arrangements.

DIP packaging technology should be especially careful when inserting and removing from the chip socket, so as not to damage the pins.

Features are: multilayer ceramic dual in-line, single-layer ceramic dual in-line, lead frame DIP (including glass-ceramic sealing type, plastic encapsulation structure type, ceramic low-melt glass packaging type) and so on.

Plug-in is a link in the electronic manufacturing process, there are manual plug-in, and AI machine plug-in. Insert the specified material into the specified position. The manual plug-in also has to be wave soldered to solder the electronic components to the board. For inserted components, check to see if they are inserted incorrectly or missed.

Plug-in post-soldering is a very important process in the processing of pcba patches. Its processing quality directly affects the function of the pcba board, and its importance is very important. Then post-welding is because some components cannot be welded by wave soldering machines due to process and material restrictions, and can only be done manually.

This also reflects the importance of DIP plug-ins in electronic components. Only by paying attention to details can we be completely secretive.


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