Capabilities of Highfive

Capabilities of Highfive can offering value-added design and manufacturing services and solutions. Highfive Capabilities provide our customers with full product build based on PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services, molding and tooling, precision metal fabrication, stamping and finishing, die-casting, injection, engineering services, based materials management.

International Purchasing Organization (IPO), co-located with our manufacturing in China.

Capabilities for ODM and OEM

And ODM BU can provide electronic and mechanical design, focusing on design for maneuverability to achieve the lowest total cost for our customers. We have precision injection molding companies, capable of molding parts in any size, any volume and any material including multi-material products.

Highfive Technology provides our customers with cost-effective printed circuit board assembly design and assembly services. We specialize in accommodating our customers’ requirements for volume, mix, and complexity. We meet our customer’s time to market schedules while minimizing total landed costs.

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Capabilities are Flexible


We excel in a range of volume requirements from low-volume complex, custom products to high-volume standard products. Our lead times can be as short as one week for standard products.

We can perform PCBA project management, design, documentation and artwork generation by using the latest software technologies to produce the highest quality products. Our Program Managers and Engineers are experts in CAD Star, Allegro, PADS, Mentor and CCT for PCBA layout.

Our engineers can perform board layout from the customer’s schematic and will perform a Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Design For Test (DFT), and cost reduction review. We can also modify any existing drawing to customer specification.

Our facilities maintain high quality ISO 9000 standards. This commitment to quality means our customers receive the highest quality products worldwide.


Capabilities Based On Our Experience


We have experience in many methods of printed circuit board assembly, from thru-hole and mixed technology to customized fine pitch surface mount technologies. Highfive Technology complete breadth of manufacturing services and in-house testing capabilities keep product costs down, ensure product security and meet time to market requirements.

Our unique blend of high caliber design, engineering and manufacturing services, flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs and ability to provide a full range of product testing services have positioned as a leader in the highly-competitive global electronic manufacturing services marketplace.

Making a printed circuit brings together chemistry, engineering, photography and mechanical,IT, in a series of processes to turn design into reality, as the basic building block of almost anything electronic.

It requires skill, experience and investment to produce a bespoke design very quickly and to an exemplary quality standard; only then can the project, be it a new product or mass production, be allowed to proceed.


Capabilities Based on Continual Investment


Here at Hi5 Electronics we continually invest in equipment, training and support, which allows us to exceed expectations and to get PCB boards out in minimum time.

In our drilling area we have high speed auto-loader machines that will drill holes down to 0.1 mm with great accuracy and speed. Our Bonding press bonds at vacuum of 1 mbar to give excellent encapsulation and thickness control, even at the highest layer count.

Automatic inspection finds the smallest error, to ensure top class yield when we put a printed circuit board on our roving probe testers, testing to the design data.

Laser photo-plotting and UV printing can define features to 75 microns, and precision etching, combined with first-class layer to layer tolerances, gives excellent impedance matching.

We metallize and plate substrates from PTFE to polyimide, and apply a full range of solderable final finishes, including immersion gold, lead free HAL, sterling silver and OSP.

We score, rout and mill to profile, including contouring aluminium base, and even anodize the back of aluminium boards for fantastic thermal properties.

All this is done by a workforce with great skills, most of whom have many years’ experience in making printed circuits; this means we can advise on the best way to get the best board possible on your assembly machines in the shortest time possible.

State-of-the-art facilities


Highfive maintains a state-of-the-art facilities to keep up with increasing demands of quality and production volume. This is not an inclusive list, but it shows our intent to maintain a modern facilities.

-Inner Layer Material Cutting

-Inner Dry Film

Dry Film Laminiation

-Black Oxidation

-Brown Oxidation

-Lay up


-CNC Drilling Machine

-Plating Electroless Copper, PTH, Panel Plating

-Dry Film Lamination

-Pattern Plating


-Dry Film Developing


-Solder Mask

-Component Marking


-Routing Machine

Routing Capabilities



-Surface Finishing:

Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Flash Gold
Thick Gold
Selective Plating Gold
OSP/Selective OSP
HASL/Lead-free HASL/Selective HASL

-Electronic Testing

-PCB Assembling

(SMT, DIP, Wave-soldering, Soldering)

-PCBA Testing


-Final Audit